AMSTERDAM – announced that London and Amsterdam are the two hottest cities for start-up hubs today using a barely different methodology than every other survey. Eschewing traditional buzz, momentum and spin, this website focused on ‘heat,’ a totally different word to describe the same concepts in ranking hot start-up hubs. In an imperceptibly innovative twist, “heat” allows the website to declare two winners that for some reason are not first and second place.

While other cities like Berlin, Paris and Madrid dismissed the heat and the imaginary invention of ‘challenger’ status, the #1 challenger Amsterdam quickly declared the not quite explained methodology to be superior. Ruben Nieuwenhuis, Director of StartupAmsterdam, (naturally spelled as one long word with a capital letter in the middle), was excited about the city’s great result. ‘It’s getting hot in herre. Let’s take off all our clothes,’ he said, while being slightly disappointed about the lack of high fives and urban credibility he received from his team for correctly quoting the 15 year old hip hop anthem.

Using heat and declaring two winners was also popular with the site’s advertisers who, in the words of Allianz CMO Mark Dijkman, appreciated ‘getting twice as many people to tweet, like and forward an article we sponsored.’

Top cities London and Amsterdam hope to build on the momentum of this unimportant survey when a new report comes out next month ranking start-up hubs¬†using ‘influencers,’ an important sounding term that means nothing.